A Complete Guide to Buying Magic Mushroom Spores in Germany


Are you looking to delve into the world of magic mushrooms in Germany? In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about buying magic mushroom spores in the country. From reputable vendors to legal considerations, we've got you covered.

Which Spore Vendors Ship to Germany?

When it comes to purchasing magic mushroom spores in Germany, several vendors cater to this niche market. From the Netherlands to Canada, you have options to choose from. Let's dive into three prominent spore vendors that ship to Germany:

1. The Magic Mushroom Shop

The Magic Mushroom Shop, based in the Netherlands, offers a variety of spore prints, syringes, and cultures for European customers. With a range of products and reliable shipping, this vendor is a go-to for many mushroom enthusiasts. However, it's crucial to separate spore orders from cultivation equipment to avoid legal issues.

Recommended Strains from The Magic Mushroom Shop

- Best beginner strain: Koh Samui
- Super potent strain: Penis Envy
- Rare strain: Fiji Cubensis

2. Mushroom Prints

Operating out of Canada, Mushroom Prints is another reputable spore vendor that ships worldwide, including Europe. While their range of spores is extensive, shipping may take longer compared to European vendors. Despite the distance, Mushroom Prints is known for quality products and discreet packaging.

3. Tatanka

Tatanka is a seasoned spore vendor with a global reach, offering an array of magic mushroom spores for cultivation. While they provide reliable service, it's essential to be cautious when ordering from overseas vendors due to potential customs issues.

Are Magic Mushrooms Legal in Germany?

As of the current legislation, magic mushrooms are illegal in Germany. However, magic mushroom spores are technically legal for microscopy purposes, provided they are not intended for cultivation. It's crucial to adhere to these regulations to avoid legal repercussions.

Final Thoughts: Can You Buy Magic Mushroom Spores in Germany?

While purchasing magic mushroom spores in Germany is feasible, it comes with legal risks that must be navigated carefully. By choosing reputable vendors and understanding the laws surrounding mushroom cultivation, you can safely explore this fascinating realm.

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