Aurora Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar Review: Is It Worth Trying?

Aurora Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar Review: Is It Worth Trying?

Introduction: Curious about the Aurora magic mushroom chocolate bars? In this comprehensive review, we'll delve into the legitimacy of this popular product, explore potential red flags and green flags, and provide insights to help you decide whether it's worth trying.

Aurora Chocolate Specs:

Before diving into the review, let's take a look at some key metrics related to Aurora magic mushroom chocolate bars:

  • Tripsitter Ranking: 5/10
  • Trust Score: 5/10
  • Taste: 8/10
  • Cost: $50
  • Potency Per Bar: 5 grams (0.5 grams per piece)
  • Sold By: Aurora

Are Aurora Chocolate Bars Legit?

When it comes to the legitimacy of Aurora chocolate bars, there are both red flags and green flags to consider:

Red Flags πŸ”»

  1. Fake Websites Selling Aurora: Be cautious of fake websites selling Aurora chocolate bars.
  2. Availability of Brand Packaging: Similar-looking Aurora-branded packaging is available on wholesale websites, raising concerns about product authenticity.
  3. Lack of Information: Genuine brand's social pages lack ingredient and source information, leaving consumers in the dark.

Green Flags πŸ’š

  1. Social Media Reviews & Following: Positive reviews on Instagram and Reddit indicate potential legitimacy.
  2. Claims to Use Real Mushrooms: Company claims to use dehydrated Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, suggesting authenticity.

The Potency of Aurora Chocolate

Aurora magic mushroom chocolate bars contain five grams of magic mushrooms, with Psilocybe cubensis likely being the source. While details on potency testing are limited, the use of organic matter in the bars hints at genuine psychedelic effects.

What Do Aurora Chocolate Bars Taste Like?

The taste of Aurora chocolate bars is described as having a smooth texture, sweet flavor, and earthy aftertaste. With six flavor options available, there's a variety to suit different preferences.

Where to Buy Aurora Chocolate

Aurora chocolate bars are primarily available through the brand's social media accounts. While caution is advised due to the presence of fake products, engaging with Aurora directly can help ensure authenticity.

Alternatives to Aurora Chocolate

If Aurora chocolate bars aren't the right fit for you, consider exploring these alternative options:

  1. Blu Bijou Psilocybin Chocolate
  2. Neau Tropics Magic Mushroom Chocolate
  3. Bright Future Magic Chocolate

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about magic mushroom chocolates? Check out these FAQs for more insights:

  1. What's Better: Psilocybin Chocolate or Psilocybin Gummies?
  2. How Do You Make Magic Mushroom Chocolate?
  3. Are the Effects of Magic Mushroom Strains Different?


In conclusion, the Aurora magic mushroom chocolate bars present both potential risks and rewards. While red flags like fake websites and lack of information raise concerns, green flags such as social media engagement and mushroom authenticity offer hope for legitimacy. Ultimately, the decision to try Aurora chocolate bars rests with individual discretion.

Call to Action

Ready to explore the world of magic mushroom chocolate? Connect with Aurora on social media for more information and updates on their products. Remember to research thoroughly and prioritize safety when trying new psychedelic experiences.

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