Avizafone: A Comprehensive Fact Sheet & Harm Reduction Guide


Avizafone, also known as Pro-Diazepam, is a unique water-soluble prodrug for diazepam with intriguing clinical applications. Developed as an antidote for nerve agent poisoning, avizafone plays a vital role in harm reduction strategies. This comprehensive guide will delve into the specifics of avizafone, including its metabolism, dosage equivalency, safety profile, and ways to reduce risks associated with its use.

Avizafone Specs

Avizafone, with the IUPAC name (2S)-2,6-diamino-N-{[(2-benzoyl-4-chlorophenyl)methylcarbamoyl]methyl}hexanamide, undergoes metabolism in the body to liberate diazepam. The drug's rapid conversion to diazepam highlights its therapeutic efficacy in emergency situations.

Benzodiazepine Dosage Equivalency Calculator

A detailed exploration of benzodiazepine dosage equivalencies is essential for safe and effective administration. This calculator serves as a reference guide for determining oral benzodiazepine equivalence, emphasizing the importance of consulting a medical practitioner for personalized dosing recommendations.

How Does Avizafone Work?

The mechanism of action of avizafone in countering nerve agent poisoning involves a cohesive cocktail of drugs, including anticholinergics, acetylcholinesterase reactivators, and the benzodiazepine diazepam. Collaborative efforts ensure the timely and efficient treatment of poisonings, underscoring the critical role avizafone plays in emergency scenarios.

Is Avizafone Safe? Risks & Side Effects

While avizafone, as a prodrug of diazepam, carries inherent risks common to benzodiazepines, its clinical context in treating nerve agent poisoning outweighs these concerns. Limited availability and minimal black-market abuse further support the overall safety profile of avizafone when used as intended.

Harm Reduction: Avizafone

Practical harm reduction strategies encompass the judicious use of avizafone, including adherence to prescribed dosages, avoidance of drug interactions, and regular monitoring for potential side effects. Patient education and healthcare provider guidance are pivotal in promoting safe avizafone administration.


Avizafone stands as a remarkable therapeutic tool in combating nerve agent poisoning, showcasing the pharmaceutical innovation aimed at saving lives in critical situations. Understanding its metabolism, safety profile, and harm reduction strategies empowers individuals and healthcare professionals to harness the benefits of avizafone effectively.

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For further insights into avizafone and harm reduction practices, explore reputable sources and consult healthcare professionals to stay informed and prepared in emergency scenarios.

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