Can You Smoke Magic Mushrooms? (Bad Idea)

Can You Smoke Magic Mushrooms? (Bad Idea)

Magic mushrooms are one of the most popular psychedelic drugs, usually consumed orally due to their unpleasant taste. Some individuals wonder if smoking them is an option, but it's not recommended. This article delves into the risks and dangers associated with smoking magic mushrooms.

What Happens If You Smoke Shrooms?

While it is technically possible to smoke magic mushrooms by grinding them into a powder and inhaling, the combustion temperature rapidly degrades psilocybin, leading to little to no psychedelic effect. User reports and anecdotal evidence suggest that smoking shrooms is ineffective and often results in a wasted trip.

Can You Vape Magic Mushrooms?

Some users consider using a dry herb vaporizer to consume magic mushrooms, as it offers a lower heating temperature than combustion. However, the majority of psilocybin is still destroyed before reaching the lungs, making this method less potent than oral consumption.

Is Smoking Magic Mushrooms Dangerous?

Smoking magic mushrooms can be dangerous due to the health risks associated with inhaling combusted material. These risks include lung cancer, respiratory issues, heart disease, and exposure to mold spores, which can pose severe health hazards.

Practical Tips for Safer Consumption

To consume magic mushrooms safely, it is recommended to stick to oral ingestion methods rather than smoking or vaping. Additionally, practicing harm reduction techniques, such as starting with a low dose and being in a safe environment, can help mitigate potential risks associated with psychedelic use.


While smoking magic mushrooms may seem like a novel idea, the risks outweigh any potential benefits. It's essential to prioritize safe consumption practices and educate oneself on the most effective ways to experience the benefits of psychedelics without compromising health and well-being.


When it comes to magic mushrooms, smoking is not a recommended method of consumption. Opting for oral ingestion or alternative forms of consumption can help maximize the psychedelic experience while minimizing health risks.

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