Exploring Creative Ways to Reuse Spray & Grow Kits for Mushroom Cultivation

Exploring Creative Ways to Reuse Spray & Grow Kits for Mushroom Cultivation

Are you ready to take your mushroom growing experience to the next level? Our Spray & Grow Kits offer a simple and convenient way to cultivate delicious fungi in your own home. But what if we told you that the journey doesn't have to end once your initial harvest is complete? In this blog post, we'll delve into creative ways to reuse your Spray & Grow Kits and continue harvesting mushrooms in innovative ways.

Give your block some fresh air

If you're looking to encourage more fruiting from your mushroom block, consider moving it outdoors to provide a change in environment. By following these steps, you can create an optimal setting for your mushrooms to thrive:

  • Remove the mushroom block from the box and leave it in the plastic bag.
  • Place the block cut side up in a shady area where it will receive rainfall.
  • Keep the plastic on the kit to retain moisture, spraying it periodically to prevent drying out.
  • Check on the block after a couple of weeks, especially following rain or temperature shifts.

By harnessing the power of natural elements, such as rainfall and humidity, you can expect a bountiful harvest of mushrooms in no time. Whether you choose to place your kit under the cover of fern fronds or let it breathe in an open garden space, the possibilities for outdoor fruiting are endless.

Bury your block

If you have a green thumb and a bit of outdoor space, why not bury your mushroom block in the ground for a stunning display of mushroom clusters? Follow these steps to create a hidden treasure in your garden:

  • Remove the mushroom block from the box and plastic bag.
  • Dig a hole in a shady area to accommodate the block.
  • Place the block in the soil and cover it with a layer of soil or mulch.
  • Keep the block hydrated by watering it regularly and monitoring its progress.

By burying your mushroom block, you provide it with protection from the elements while allowing the fungi to absorb moisture from the soil. Imagine the delight of seeing vibrant mushroom bouquets emerge from your garden space, adding a touch of magic to your outdoor landscape.

Inoculate some containers

For the adventurous cultivator, consider using your Spray & Grow Kit like a spawn to inoculate containers with new substrate for mushroom growth. This method requires a bit more preparation but can yield exceptional results:

  • Soak your substrate and crumbled mushroom block.
  • Alternate layers of substrate and mushroom block in a container with adequate airflow.
  • Keep the container in a shady area and water it as needed.

While this method may take longer for mushrooms to appear, the potential for a bountiful harvest is worth the wait. By continuously monitoring the hydration levels of your containers, you can ensure that the fungi have everything they need to thrive and produce mushrooms in abundance.

Inoculate some mulch

Lastly, explore the option of inoculating mulch in your outdoor space to create mushroom beds that blend seamlessly with your existing plants and trees. By replicating the container method on a larger scale, you can bring new life to your garden:

  • Prepare your mushroom block and mulch for inoculation.
  • Create mushroom beds in areas with perennial vegetation or trees.
  • Monitor the moisture levels of the mulch to support fungal growth.

By incorporating mushrooms into your outdoor landscape, you not only enhance the visual appeal of your garden but also contribute to a sustainable ecosystem. The interplay between fungi and plants fosters a harmonious environment where each organism thrives in symbiosis.


As you explore the diverse ways to reuse your Spray & Grow Kits, remember that the potential for mushroom cultivation extends far beyond the confines of a traditional growing kit. By embracing outdoor fruiting, container inoculation, and mulch inoculation, you can unlock a world of possibilities for expanding your mushroom harvest and experiencing the wonders of fungi in new ways.

So, the next time you finish harvesting mushrooms from your kit, don't simply discard it—reimagine its potential and embark on a journey of continuous growth and discovery. Your Spray & Grow Kit is not just a tool for mushroom cultivation; it's a gateway to a flourishing ecosystem right in your own backyard.

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