Exploring Psyched Wellness CALM Tincture: A Detailed Review

Exploring Psyched Wellness CALM Tincture: A Detailed Review

Are you curious about an alternative to traditional sleep aids that offers dream-enhancing effects without the intensity of a psychedelic trip? Look no further than the CALM Tincture from Psyched Wellness, derived from the Amanita muscaria mushroom. While not your typical 'magic mushroom' experience, this tincture provides a unique and effective way to improve sleep quality and promote lucid dream states.

CALM Tincture Pros & Cons

When considering the benefits and drawbacks of the CALM Tincture, it's important to weigh its sedative qualities against its potential grogginess in the morning. The subtle effects of the Amanita muscaria extract offer a mild experience, making it ideal for relaxation and dream enhancement.


  • Excellent flavor with minimal bitterness
  • Mild, yet effective for sleep improvement
  • Promotes lucid dream states


  • Delayed onset may be challenging to time before bedtime
  • Not suitable for those seeking intense psychedelic experiences
  • Possible grogginess upon waking, especially at higher doses

Trip Report: J Gordon Curtis

My initial experience with the CALM Tincture involved a single dropper, leading to a subtle onset and a restful night's sleep. While some users may expect psychedelic effects, this tincture excels in its ability to enhance dream quality without overwhelming sensations. The reliability and consistency of Psyched Wellness products, paired with the patented extraction process, make this tincture a standout choice among Amanita muscaria extracts.

Company: Psyched Wellness

Understandably skeptical of the varying quality in Amanita muscaria products on the market, Psyched Wellness sets itself apart with a commitment to authenticity and efficacy. By prioritizing the natural compounds of the mushroom over synthetic alternatives, this company ensures a genuine and reliable product for sleep support and dream enhancement.

Studies on AME-1

Research into the psychoactive properties of Amanita muscaria, specifically AME-1, sheds light on its potential benefits for improving sleep quality and promoting dream activity. By exploring the unique chemical composition of this mushroom, scientists aim to harness its therapeutic effects without the intense hallucinogenic experiences associated with other psychedelics.

Final Thoughts: Psyched Wellness CALM Tincture

In conclusion, the CALM Tincture from Psyched Wellness offers a refreshing alternative for individuals seeking natural sleep aids and dream enhancement. While it may not deliver a traditional psychedelic journey, its reliable sedative effects and dream-promoting qualities make it a valuable addition to your nighttime routine. Embrace the lucid and tranquil experience provided by this tincture, and discover the benefits of Amanita muscaria in a new light.

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