Exploring the Mysteries of Blue Lotus Flower: Ancient Egyptian Dream Herb


Blue Lotus Flower, also known as Nymphaea caerulea, has captivated the imagination of ancient civilizations and modern psychonauts alike with its mystical properties. This aquatic plant, native to Eastern Africa, holds a special place in the hearts of those seeking to unlock the secrets of lucid dreaming and spiritual exploration.

What is Blue Lotus Flower?

Blue Lotus Flower, with its association to the sun god Ra and creation myths, has been revered for centuries for its psychoactive effects and intoxicating aroma. The flower's unique ability to induce a trance-like state has led to its ceremonial use in ancient rituals and modern practices.

Blue Lotus: Specs & Technical Details

Active Ingredients: Aporphine (Apomorphine) & Nuciferine; Level of Risk: Low; Common Names: Blue Lotus Flower, Egyptian Lotus, Blue Water Lily, Cape Water Lily, Frog's Pulpit; Most Common Side-Effects: Sedation, catalepsy, respiratory depression; Duration of Effects: 4-6 hours; Legality: Legal in most parts of the world, illegal in Russia & Poland.

History & Folklore of the Blue Lotus Flower

Blue Lotus Flower has a rich history in East Africa and the Middle East, especially in ancient Egypt. It holds symbolic significance in art, sculptures, and hieroglyphs, often associated with the gods and the afterlife. The plant's petals were even used to cover the mummies of Egyptian pharaohs, highlighting its spiritual importance.

What Are The Effects of Blue Lotus Flower?

1. Soporific Effects (Sedation): Blue Lotus Flower induces a calming effect, promoting relaxation and alleviating stress and anxiety.

2. Oneirogenic Effects (Lucid Dreaming): The plant's ability to enhance dream recall and induce lucid dreaming has made it a popular tool for those exploring the world of dreamwork and consciousness alteration.

How to Use Blue Lotus Flower

1. Blue Lotus Flower Tea: Steep the dried petals in hot water to create a soothing tea that can be consumed before bedtime.

2. RDA Vaporizers: Use a vaporizer to extract the active compounds of Blue Lotus Flower for inhalation.

3. Blue Lotus Flower Absolute: Create an aromatic absolute using the plant's extract for spiritual practices and meditation.

Is Blue Lotus Legal?

Blue Lotus Flower is legal in most parts of the world, with the exception of Russia and Poland. However, it's essential to research the regulations in your region before incorporating this dream herb into your routine.


Blue Lotus Flower stands as a symbol of ancient wisdom and spiritual exploration, offering a glimpse into the mysteries of the subconscious mind and dream realms. By understanding its history, effects, and practical applications, we can delve deeper into the realm of lucid dreaming and self-discovery.

Take a step towards uncovering the secrets of Blue Lotus Flower and embark on a journey of spiritual growth and introspection. Embrace the ancient wisdom of this sacred plant and let its mystical properties guide you on the path to lucid dreaming and self-awareness.

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