Exploring the Psychedelic 20's: A Recap of Psychedelic Science 2023 and the Mushroom Summit

The Psychedelic 20's: A Gateway to Innovation

As Rick Doblin, founder of MAPS, declared the commencement of the Psychedelic Science 2023 conference, the audience was ushered into what he dubbed the 'psychedelic 20's'. This era marks a significant renaissance in the exploration of entheogenic medicines and the potential they hold for mental health and well-being.

Psychedelic Science 2023: A Convergence of Minds

In Denver, Colorado, 12,000 individuals from various backgrounds gathered at the Colorado Convention Center for the three-day conference hosted by MAPS. The approval of Proposition 122, which decriminalized psilocybin in the city, set the stage for a deep dive into the world of psychedelic therapies and research. Attendees, ranging from scientists to business leaders, shared a common enthusiasm for the evolving landscape of psychedelic science.

Key Highlights from the Conference

One of the standout events at the conference was the Mushroom Summit, a two-day meeting focused on functional mushrooms in the medicinal industry. Industry leaders engaged in panel discussions and debates, sparking conversations on the efficacy of mycelium-grown supplements versus mushroom fruiting body supplements.

Insights from the Mushroom Summit

The debate on the effectiveness of mycelium-grown supplements raged on, with representatives from Fungi Perfecti and Nammex presenting opposing views. North Spore, a participant in the summit, expressed support for fruiting bodies as the preferred source of medicinal value in functional fungal products.

Reflecting on the Movement

As the conference came to a close, attendees like North Spore took the opportunity to reflect on the current state of the psychedelic movement. The diverse perspectives and initiatives showcased at Psychedelic Science 2023 underscored the collaborative efforts driving innovation in the field.

Takeaways and Future Directions

The Psychedelic 20's represent a pivotal moment in the intersection of science, medicine, and psychedelics. As research continues to unravel the potential benefits of entheogenic substances, it is crucial for stakeholders to engage in dialogue and foster a culture of responsible exploration.

Engage with the Movement

Whether you are a seasoned advocate or a curious onlooker, there are numerous ways to engage with the psychedelic movement. Stay informed about upcoming events, support research initiatives, and contribute to conversations that shape the future of psychedelic science.

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