Exploring the World of Home Cultivation with Spore n’ Sprout: An Interview with Keegan Coffey

The Fascinating World of Mushroom Cultivation

Have you ever considered growing your own mushrooms at home? The world of mycology is a captivating one, filled with endless possibilities and unique challenges. One individual who has wholeheartedly embraced this realm is Keegan Coffey from Spore n’ Sprout. Keegan's journey into the world of fungi cultivation is as inspiring as it is enlightening.

Keegan's Passion for Fungi

Keegan's interest in working with fungi stemmed from a personal journey of healing and self-discovery. Struggling with mental health issues as a teenager, Keegan found solace in the therapeutic properties of natural psychedelics. This profound experience led him to realize the importance of fungi in his life and set him on a path of mycological exploration.

Starting Spore n’ Sprout

The inception of Spore n’ Sprout began with Keegan's YouTube channel, where he shared his knowledge and passion for mushroom cultivation. From humble beginnings with a still air box, Keegan honed his skills and techniques over time, eventually expanding his repertoire to include a diverse range of mushroom species, including Oysters, Shiitake, Maitake, and more.

The Challenges of Cultivation

While Keegan has enjoyed success with various mushroom species, he acknowledges the challenges that come with cultivating certain varieties. Tremella, in particular, presents a unique challenge due to its parasitic nature. Keegan's interest in cultivating Tremella stems from its potential uses in skincare and health products, as well as the lack of farms focusing on this species in the USA.

Diverse Cultivation Methods

From shotgun fruiting chambers to outdoor cultivation, Keegan has explored a variety of methods to grow mushrooms. Each approach offers its own set of advantages and challenges, highlighting the versatility and adaptability required in the world of mycology.

Future Endeavors

Looking ahead, Keegan is focusing on indoor cultivation of gourmet mushrooms while also venturing into establishing a black truffle orchard using hazelnut saplings. This ambitious project involves creating a mycorrhizal symbiotic relationship between the truffle fungi and the tree roots, a process that requires patience and dedication.


Keegan Coffey's journey with Spore n’ Sprout exemplifies the passion and determination required to thrive in the world of mushroom cultivation. From personal healing to entrepreneurial endeavors, Keegan's story is a testament to the power of fungi in transforming lives and fostering a deep connection with nature.

Explore the wonders of mushroom cultivation and embark on your own mycological journey today. Whether you're a novice grower or seasoned enthusiast, the world of fungi offers endless opportunities for discovery and growth.

Ready to dive into the world of mushroom cultivation? Visit Spore n’ Sprout's website to learn more and start your own fungal adventure!

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