Preserving Indigenous Knowledge with Mckenna Academy

Preserving Indigenous Knowledge with Mckenna Academy

Curanderos in the Amazon see plants as teachers. Mckenna Academy is working to preserve this unique wisdom before it is too late.


The Amazon rainforest harbors an unimaginable wealth of biodiversity and indigenous knowledge. Amidst the threats of deforestation and loss of traditional practices, Mckenna Academy stands as a beacon of hope in preserving the wisdom of the Amazonian peoples. Through projects like Biognosis, the academy aims to catalog and safeguard the intricate knowledge held within the plants of the rainforest.

Deforestation in the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest faces ongoing challenges due to deforestation, primarily driven by agricultural expansion. The loss of thousands of square kilometers each year not only impacts the ecosystem but also endangers the vast array of plant species and the indigenous communities reliant on them.

Preserving Knowledge of Amazonian Plants

The traditional healers, or curanderos, of the Amazon view plants as more than resources; they are living entities with stories to share. Mckenna Academy's focus on preserving this indigenous knowledge emphasizes the importance of understanding the cultural significance and healing properties of Amazonian plants.

Sharing Existing Plant Knowledge

Efforts to share and document existing plant knowledge involve digitizing plant specimens, creating educational modules, and developing an immersive virtual experience known as the 'Visionary Rainforest.' By making this information accessible online and in augmented reality, Mckenna Academy aims to bridge the gap between academia and indigenous wisdom.

Supporting Mckenna Academy

Supporting Mckenna Academy in its mission to preserve indigenous knowledge involves contributions to funding, awareness-raising efforts, and engagement with the educational resources and documentaries produced by the academy. By amplifying the voices of the Amazonian people and valuing their connection to nature, we can contribute to the ongoing preservation of this invaluable wisdom.


The work of Mckenna Academy in preserving indigenous knowledge serves as a reminder of the profound relationship between humans and nature. By recognizing the significance of traditional practices and embracing digital innovations, we can honor and safeguard the legacy of the Amazonian people for generations to come.

Call to Action

Explore Mckenna Academy's initiatives, support their funding efforts, and engage with the educational materials to further your understanding of indigenous knowledge. Together, we can ensure the preservation of the Amazon's wisdom and inspire future conservation efforts.

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