Psychedelic Drugs in California: Current Laws & Updates 2023

Psychedelic Drugs in California: Current Laws & Updates 2023

California almost decriminalized psychedelics. Almost.


California is at the forefront of decriminalization efforts for psychedelic substances, with recent legislative maneuvers sparking debate and discussion. In this article, we'll delve into the current laws and updates regarding psychedelic drugs in California, including the legal status of magic mushrooms, LSD, MDMA, and ketamine.

Summary: The State of Psychedelics in California

California is making strides towards decriminalizing various psychedelic substances, with bills like SB58 offering hope for enthusiasts. While magic mushrooms remain illegal statewide, certain municipalities have taken steps to decriminalize their possession and use. The state's approach to cannabis and alternative THC products also reflects a progressive stance on drug regulation.

Are Magic Mushrooms Legal in California?

Magic mushrooms are currently illegal statewide, but legislative efforts like SB58 aim to decriminalize their possession, cultivation, and transportation for personal use. Several California cities have already decriminalized magic mushrooms, setting a precedent for broader reform.

Is LSD Legal in California?

LSD remains illegal in California, with severe penalties for possession, sale, or manufacture. The state's stringent laws on LSD underscore the challenges of decriminalizing synthetic psychedelics.

Is MDMA Legal in California?

MDMA is classified as an illegal substance in California, but ongoing research on its therapeutic potential may signal a shift in attitudes towards its use. While recreational MDMA consumption remains prohibited, medical applications are being explored.

Is Ketamine Legal in California?

Ketamine is legal for therapeutic use in California, highlighting the state's progressive approach to alternative treatments. Ketamine-assisted therapy is gaining traction for various mental health conditions, underscoring the need for nuanced drug policies.


California's evolving stance on psychedelic drugs reflects a broader shift towards decriminalization and destigmatization of alternative treatments. While challenges persist in legalizing certain substances, the state's proactive approach sets a precedent for other jurisdictions to follow.

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