The Decriminalize Psychedelics Movement: Santa Cruz's Third Victory

The Decriminalize Psychedelics Movement: Santa Cruz's Third Victory

Santa Cruz, California recently made headlines with its decision to decriminalize entheogenic plants and fungi, marking the third victory for the Decriminalize Psychedelics Movement in the U.S. This move has sparked discussions about the future of psychedelics in the city and beyond.

First Take: What’s in the Resolution?

The resolution passed by Santa Cruz on January 28, 2020, makes the arrest and prosecution of individuals over 21 for any legal infraction regarding entheogenic plants and fungi the city’s lowest priority. It also outlines support for medical research on the effects of these substances and emphasizes the importance of responsible use under professional guidance.

Entheogenic Plants & Fungi

The resolution specifically covers entheogenic plants and fungi, including Psilocybin, Ibogaine, and Ayahuasca. These naturally-occurring compounds have shown promising health benefits, especially in the treatment of mental health issues.

Health Benefits of Entheogenic Plants

Many individuals have shared personal stories of successful treatment with entheogenic plants, particularly psilocybin. The City Council's decision was influenced by the FDA's recognition of psilocybin therapy for depression. This highlights the potential of psychedelics in mental health treatment.

The Difference Between Decriminalization and Legalization

It’s important to understand the distinction between decriminalization and legalization in the context of psychedelics. Decriminalization focuses on shifting law enforcement priorities, while legalization involves regulating the production and distribution of these substances. Santa Cruz's resolution reflects a decriminalization approach.

Grow Your Own Magic Mushrooms

One interesting aspect of the resolution is the allowance for personal cultivation of entheogenic plants. This opens up opportunities for individuals to grow their own magic mushrooms at home, under the guidelines set by the city.

Key Takeaways: What’s the Future of Psychedelics in Santa Cruz?

The future of psychedelics in Santa Cruz looks promising, with support for research, responsible use, and community initiatives. This progressive approach sets the stage for further exploration of psychedelics' potential benefits and challenges.


Santa Cruz's decision to decriminalize entheogenic plants and fungi represents a significant step in the broader movement towards psychedelics decriminalization. By acknowledging the therapeutic potential of these substances and shifting towards a more progressive attitude, the city paves the way for further advancements in the field of psychedelic therapy.

Call to Action

Interested in learning more about the Decriminalize Psychedelics Movement and its impact on Santa Cruz? Stay informed about the latest developments and advocacy efforts to support the responsible use of entheogenic plants and fungi.

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