The Mycelial Web of Humanity: Finding Connection and Compassion During the Holidays

Exploring the Mycelial Web of Humanity

In a time that is riddled with division, it is all the more important to remind ourselves and others of our shared humanity and cohabitation on this miraculous Earth. For every reaction there is an opposite and equal reaction; moments of political and social upheaval often reveal the deeper humanity that exists in each and every one of us.

The Interconnectedness of Mycelium

As mushrooms share food, communicate, and replenish the world's resources through their webs of mycelium, there exists a kind of mycelium that binds all of us together too. The holidays provide an opportunity to reflect on the year's passing seasons, its triumphs, loves, and surprises, as well as its hardships - the loved ones we've lost, those left behind after wildfires, floods, and storms, and the struggles that each of us has endured.

A Season of Compassion and Gratitude

It's a season of compassion and gratitude for oneself and the ones we love, but also for those we disagree with and struggle to understand. We all share the air we breathe, the water we drink, and a longing to live a fulfilled life. Our mycelial web is as interdependent and connected as it is in the mycological world.

Moving Towards the New Year

As we close the chapter on this year and move bright-eyed towards a new year, may we keep this compassion and gratitude at the front and center. Acting with empathy and living our lives to the fullest. Happy holidays from the North Spore crew!

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