The Truth About Orange Juice and Psychedelic Trips

The Truth About Orange Juice and Psychedelic Trips

Embarking on a psychedelic journey can be a unique and transformative experience, often accompanied by various rituals and beliefs within the community. One such myth that has persisted over time is the idea that orange juice can enhance psychedelic trips. In this article, we delve into the truth behind this myth and explore the science, psychology, and anecdotes that shape our understanding of this intriguing topic.

What Does Orange Juice Have to Do With Psychedelics?

Within the psychedelic community, there is a prevalent belief that orange juice holds a special power in influencing the quality of a trip. Some claim that consuming orange juice before or during a trip can elevate the experience or even help steer it away from a negative turn. However, the lack of concrete evidence to support these claims raises questions about their validity.

One theory suggests that the association between orange juice and psychedelics might stem from a misconception with lemon juice, which is known to intensify and shorten the effects of magic mushrooms. Another possibility is that anecdotal stories about LSD users mistaking themselves for glasses of orange juice over time evolved into the myth we know today.

Will Orange Juice Help Prevent a Bad Trip?

While there is no scientific basis for the efficacy of orange juice in preventing a bad trip, there may be psychological factors at play. The power of mindset in shaping the trajectory of a psychedelic experience is well-acknowledged among seasoned users. Thus, the act of consuming orange juice with the intention of warding off a negative trip could have a placebo-like effect, potentially influencing the overall journey.

On a biological level, the use of antipsychotic or antianxiety medications is preferred for managing challenging psychedelic experiences, highlighting the limited role of orange juice in this context.

Does Orange Juice Actually Affect Your Trip?

While claims suggest that the acetic acid in orange juice could impact the metabolism of psychedelic compounds, particularly in magic mushrooms, the evidence remains inconclusive. The process of lemon tekking, involving the consumption of lemon juice with mushrooms, has garnered support from user reports for enhancing the trip. However, the impact of store-bought orange juice on psychedelic experiences is minimal.

Orange Juice & LSD

The idea that orange juice can influence the quality of an LSD trip through vitamin C boosting serotonin levels lacks scientific backing.

Orange Juice & Shrooms

While orange juice is unlikely to significantly affect the intensity or duration of a shroom trip, its association with magic mushrooms is the most plausible due to the breakdown of psilocybin into psilocin.


Orange juice's role in enhancing psychedelic trips remains largely based on anecdotal accounts and cultural beliefs rather than solid scientific evidence. Understanding the nuances of psychedelic experiences and the factors that shape them can offer valuable insights for individuals navigating these journeys.


Next time you reach for that glass of orange juice before a psychedelic trip, consider the myths and realities surrounding its potential effects. While the placebo effect and personal beliefs may play a role in shaping your experience, approaching psychedelic journeys with caution, respect, and informed decision-making is key.

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