Wavy Wildlife: Exploring Animals Who Take Psychedelics

Wavy Wildlife: Exploring Animals Who Take Psychedelics

Animals, just like humans, enjoy the occasional psychedelic experience. From magic mushrooms to venomous toads, various species of wildlife are known to indulge in mind-altering substances. Let's take a deep dive into this fascinating phenomenon and explore the reasons behind their trippy behavior.

What Psychedelics Do Some Animals Eat?

Animals have been observed consuming a variety of psychoactive substances. Grazing animals like reindeer feast on Fly Agaric mushrooms, while cattle, sheep, and horses munch on Liberty Caps. Bighorn sheep, on the other hand, seek out psychoactive lichen in the Rocky Mountains. Dolphins interact with puffer fish to absorb intoxicating toxins, showcasing the diverse range of substances animals consume.

Why Do Some Animals Consume Psychedelics?

While the exact motivations remain unclear, some animals appear to seek out psychoactive compounds for enjoyment. Whether intentionally or accidentally, animals partake in these substances. For instance, predators of the Bufo alvarius toad may get a psychedelic dose while attacking the toad for defense. Bighorn sheep demonstrate addictive behavior towards psychoactive lichen, suggesting potential medicinal benefits.

Which Animals Take Psychedelics?

Several species exhibit deliberate consumption of psychoactive substances. From African animals getting drunk on fermented fruits to jaguars cleansing their stomachs with the yagé vine, the animal kingdom displays a diverse palette of psychedelic preferences. Whether for pleasure, self-medication, or accidental ingestion, animals engage with psychedelics in intriguing ways.

List of Animals That Take Psychedelics:

  1. Domestic Cats
  2. Reindeer
  3. Rough-Toothed Dolphins
  4. Wallabies
  5. Jaguars
  6. Mandrills
  7. Lemurs
  8. Bighorn Sheep
  9. Cows
  10. Horses
  11. Moray Eel


The world of animals consuming psychedelics presents a captivating intersection of nature and altered states of consciousness. While the reasons behind their behavior may vary, the phenomenon offers unique insights into the connection between wildlife and mind-altering substances. Next time you encounter an animal exhibiting unusual behavior, consider the possibility of a psychedelic journey underway.

Unraveling the mysteries of animals and psychedelics opens up a realm of discovery and wonder, unveiling the hidden depths of the natural world. As we navigate this intriguing terrain, let us embrace the diversity of experiences across species and continue to marvel at the intricate tapestry of life.

Engage with Nature's Psychedelic Revelations

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