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Chestnut (10cc) Culinary Mushroom Liquid Culture

Chestnut (10cc) Culinary Mushroom Liquid Culture

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Chestnut Mushroom (10cc) Culinary Mushroom Liquid Culture

  • Discover the unique, earthy flavor of Chestnut mushrooms in your recipes
  • Speedy growth with our liquid culture, bypassing spore germination
  • Perfect for cultivation on diverse substrates, including wood and organic waste
  • Easy-to-use 10cc syringe ensures precise inoculation
  • Comes with a sterile needle, ready for immediate application
  • Comprised of 100% food-safe components for quality assurance

Guaranteed to Prosper

If your Zugzology Chestnut Mushroom liquid culture does not lead to a successful harvest, we promise a replacement or refund. Get in touch with us at for support.

The Zugzology Advantage

Zugzology blends the science of mycology with the culinary arts, providing exceptional liquid cultures that result in high-quality mushroom growth, enhancing every dish with the rich taste of Chestnut mushrooms.

Decades of Mycological Mastery

Our mycologists bring over thirty years of experience to the table, formulating liquid cultures in our state-of-the-art lab to ensure optimal performance and the ultimate culinary mushroom experience.

Contributing to Mycological Advancements

Commitment to our community and environment is at the heart of Zugzology. We donate all profits to support vital mycological research and initiatives. Explore our efforts in the Donations section.

Guidance Every Step of the Way

Need assistance with your Chestnut Mushroom cultivation? Our expert team is available to help at We're here to ensure a successful growth experience.

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